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March 2023

Location: Skolkovo Innovation Center

Objective: promote the search for and advancement of innovations in the composites domain.

The event will take place under the aegis of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

The winners will enjoy:

  • 01
    The interest to their projects from their potential employers
  • 02
    Opportunity to start up new composites businesses


Students of technical institutes and universities, entrepreneurs, individuals. There is no restriction on the age of contestants.

Awards ceremony for
Composites without Borders.

March 2023

Location: Skolkovo Innovation Center


Mr. Iliya Chudnov

Deputy Director
Interdisciplinary Engineering Centre "Composites of Russia" at Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Mr. Andrey Bryatsev

Deputy Director General, Sales, Prepreg-ACM

Semyon Kishilov

Deputy Director General for R&D, UMATEX

Mrs. Larisa Chursova

Chair of the jury, Deputy Director General for R&D, Prepreg-ACM

Mr. Yegor Nazarov

Head of the Laboratory for Composite Polymer Structures, Moscow Aviation Institute

Mr. Iliya Timoshkin

Head, Customer Relations Department for Polymer Composites, Institute of Innovative Materials and Technology with the Moscow State University, Head of Sales Department, ITECMA


  • Contribution to the development of technology, products and solutions related to composites
  • Ratio between the cost of solution and acceptable price for target consumers
  • Innovative aspect
  • Environmental impact



  • Selection of materials to fabricate a structure (considering the stress-strain properties, proposed fabrication technology, repairability and proposed repair techniques);
  • Innovative composite polymer materials (double-matrix resin systems, chopped fibre, thermoplastics, self-curing resin systems, etc.);
  • Disposal of composites
  • Custom-ordered design of composites (stress-strain properties, fabrication technology, repairability of a structure, repair techniques).

Technology of structures fabrication:

  • Vacuum infusion as the main innovative industrial technology;
  • 3D printing (also with the use of double-matric resin systems, and possibility to vary the volume content of fibre and matrix in the process);
  • Technological problems of the production and ways to solve them (porosity, curly grain, glueline defect, non-uniform impregnation, non-uniform distribution of monolayer distribution);
  • Disposal of composite materials and structures (destruction, reprocessing into a less critical structure, recycling of continuous-fibre material into chopped-fibre material, etc.).

Engineering, certification and operation of composite structures:

  • Design of structures to meet the pre-defined cost, technology and operating environment;
  • Methods of design and optimisation of composite structures (also for certification purposes);
  • Non-destructive test methods for quality and monitoring of the condition of composite structures in the course of operation;
  • Maintaining the reliability and performance of composite structures in the operation (considering fatigue behaviour with defects and damage, repairs and regular inspections).

New industrial application of composites.


In the first stage, the jury will select 9 finalists. They will present their projects in person to the jury shortly before the Composites without Borders Forum. Following the presentation results, three winners will be selected. The winners will be awarded with certificates of recognition and valuable prizes - moulding packages or a course of training to work with composites.