16 November 2021

Greetings to the participants of the Composites without Borders Forum!

Dear friends, as soon as tomorrow the Composites without Borders Forum will take place at the Skolkovo Technopark. Forum events can also be accessed online at INNOPROM Online https://innoprom.com/calendar-events/innoprom-online-17-november.

In advance of the Forum, Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, addressed the participants with a welcoming speech:

"Composite materials play an important role in the development of modern high-tech industries, making it possible to create globally competitive high-performance products. Besides, one of the industry's main development priorities is to increase the consumption of composites in the massive sectors of the civilian industries. The widespread introduction of composites, materials of low specific weight and high strength at material-intensive production facilities will enable the Russian composite market to attract the necessary investments for its further development in a mid-term perspective."

The Forum participants were also greeted by Alexey Likhachev, Director General, Rosatom State Corporation:

"The composites market is one of the fastest growing in Russia and the world. Its growth is driven by both global trends and the need for imports phase-out. The success in this market is largely due to the development of a complete composites production chain, which we have been building up over the last five years. The expansion of Russia’s market of domestic composites is based on high demand by the businesses in aircraft engineering, shipbuilding, automotive engineering, energy, construction, consumer goods. That is why it is so important to constantly improve competencies of the industry players in the engineering and production of composites, and this is what the Composites without Borders forum aims to promote.

Dear friends, we have already introduced you to the Forum programme. Today, let us find out what papers have been announced for the Composite Stand-Up and pitch sessions.

‘Composite Stand-Up’:

·      Report by Igor Sirotin, Dean of the Faculty of Petrochemicals and Polymer Materials, Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology - 'Non-flammable Polymers and Composites'.

·      Report by Alexander Kuzmin, Lead Design Engineer for MPD Load-Bearing Frame Project, Central Research Institute For Special Machinery.

·      Report by Alexey Nagovitsin, Deputy Director General for Advanced Products / Chief Designer of Centrotech Research and Production Company - 'Products Made of Advanced Composite Materials by Centrotech’.

·      Report by Dmitry Krasnov, PhD in Engineering, Chairman of the Board of the Driven Machinery Industrial Group - 'Composite Technology Used in Industrial Applications and Electric Vehicles'.

·      Report by Dmitry Gubanov, Director General, TKT - ‘Thermoplastic Composite Materials’.

·      Report by Vadim Mirkin, Deputy Director for Business Development, TEKMA - "Development of technology for production of high-tech composite tooling capable of compensating the warpage of products".

·      Report by Georgy Korshunov, Director, Design Office at Avrial - 'Composites used in the development of new construction technologies and making of 'Flexible Sandwich' building materials'.

·      Report by Igor Stavrulov, AMATEK representative - ‘New Base Matrix for High-Density Gypsum Composites’.

Pitch sessions:

Report by Roman Akatenkov, representative of PROCOMPOSIT - ‘ESI Composite Solutions’.

Report by Anatoly Babin, representative of SPM R&D Centre - "Syntherm technology - Autoclave-Free Thermocompression Foam Moulding".

Report by Viktoria Slavkina, representative of the Federal Scientific Agro-Engineering Centre VIM - 'New Polymeric Wear-Resistant Material Based on Dispersion-Reinforced Composite'.

Report by the representative of Additive Engineering (SIU SYstem) - '3D Printing using Various Components, Including Composites (CFRP)'.

Report by Alexander Baklunov, representative of Modelony - 'Custom-Made Furniture made of Composites'.

Report by Tatiana Mironova of KUDO Trade House - ‘KUDO Hybrid Polymer Materials’.

Presentation by Alexander Yegorov, NARPE representative - 'Step-by-Step Creation of Foil Dielectric, Copper Foil, Prepregs, Base Components'.

You can find the full programme of the forum at the Forum website http://compositesforum.ru and INNIPROM Online https://innoprom.com/calendar-events/innoprom-online-17-november, г where you can also register to watch the broadcast.

To participate in person, you need to submit an application on the Forum website http://compositesforum.ru.

And here you will find detailed instructions how to get to Skolkovo Technopark: https://sk.ru/transport/

The event enjoys the support of the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade. The title sponsor is the interregional cluster Composites without Borders. UMATEX Rosatom is the partner for the business segment of the Forum. 

Dear friends, the Forum’s location has been declared an anti-COVID zone. All participants who wish to attend the Forum in person will be required to present a certificate of vaccination or QR code confirming that they have had the disease in the last 6 months or a negative PCR test for COVID in order to receive a badge. 

See you at the Forum on 17 November 2021!


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