17 November 2021

Rosatom to establish a dedicated laboratory for composites at Sirius

On 17 November Sirius Lyceum, UMATEX Rosatom and the Kazan National Research Technical University entered into agreement on the cooperation and development of educational solutions for the Centre of Excellence - Sirius.Composite Technology, which is established on the basis of the Sirius Presidential Lyceum.

The document was signed by Olga Nechayeva, Director of Sirius Lyceum, Alexander Tyunin, Director General UMATEX, and Sergey Mikhailov, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, Kazan National Research Technical University

The centre will host schoolers in grades 7-11 from the Sirius Presidential Lyceum and specialised classes at schools in the Krasnodar Territory, IT College and Sirius University students, and participants in the Sirius Education Centre's programmes from all over Russia

The content of the Centre's educational programme emphasises the integration of science disciplines and the development of technology-related and flexible competences. The Centre will introduce children to composites technology through educational modules: ‘Production and Technology’, ‘Computer Graphics, Drawing’, ‘3D Modelling, Prototyping and Modelling", "Robotics and Automated Systems’, ‘Composite Technology’, ‘Project Management and Technopreneurship’ as well as informative lectures, guided tours and master classes.

Schoolers and students will work in the Centre's laboratories on projects in technology classes, extra-curricular activities and holiday and corporate programmes. The Centre will train WorldSkills and AtomSkills competitors in Composites Technology. The educational institutions participating in the agreement will conduct training programmes on composite materials and technology used to make finished products for various industries.

One of the projects is already known to be worked on by a team of students from Sirius Lyceum under the guidance of teachers and engineers from partner companies. The young people will create a prototype of a maritime catamaran incorporating composite technology. Based on the prototype, a maritime taxi is envisaged to link the Sirius site and Sochi. The project has been approved for the Sirius.Summer programme, and the project team is also planning to participate in the Grand Challenges programme in July.

As part of a project funded by Rosatom State Corporation, UMATEX will equip the Centre with the equipment and materials needed to effect educational solutions, to design and manufacture finished composite products.

The Centre of Excellence at Sirius Lyceum is a unique example of a new engineering school, where carbon composites will be studied and fabricated by schoolers. “By exploring modern production technologies and innovative materials in the laboratory, the youth will be able to carry out interdisciplinary projects and take a more conscious approach to studying natural sciences and entering higher education, as well as getting a promising and marketable qualification,” said Olga Nechayeva, Director of the Lyceum.

“It is important to build professional skills and competences in the field of composites as early as in school days. The Centre of Excellence at Sirius Lyceum will give the kids an opportunity to learn about new materials and to create finished products from composites for various applications, which play an essential role in the country's economic development", said Alexander Tyunin, Director General UMATEX, stressing the importance.

"The Kazan National Research Technical University conducts educational programmes on composite materials and aims at practical training of students and development of research activities on these educational programmes in the field of engineering and production of composite materials", commented Sergey Mikhailov, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, Kazan National Research Technical University.

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