13 February 2023

Entries open for Contest V 'Composites without Borders. AWARDS’

UMATEX, Rosatom’s division for composites, announces entries open for Contest V ‘Composites without Borders. AWARDS’. The award ceremony will be held on 28 March as part of the 10th Anniversary Forum Composite without Borders and Composite-Expo exhibition.

The objective of the Contest is to promote the search the searches and advancement of innovations in the composites domain in Russia. 

Applicants have the opportunity to make their designs and achievements widely known at Forum X Composites without Borders, to be assessed by recognised industry experts and to win a one-of-a-kind prize cup made of composites if they win.

 The Contest is held in five nomination categories: 

  • Imports Phase-Out Leader for Composites
  • Leader in Composites Exports
  • Serial Products Made of Composites
  • Unique Composite Solutions
  • R&D Solutions for Composites

The winners will be announced at the opening session of Forum X Composites without Borders on 28 March 2023.

Applications can be submitted via the website of Forum X Composites without Borders by clicking on the following link: http://compositesforum.ru/en/awards/

Entres open till 28 February 2023.

We wish you win at Contest V ‘Composites without Borders. AWARDS!

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