17 November 2021

Winners of the contest ‘Composites without Borders. AWARDS’ honoured at the forum

The winners of Contest IV 'Composites without Borders. AWARDS’ were announced at Forum IX Composites without Border. AWARDS.

The Contest was held in five nomination categories:

· Imports Phase-Out Leader for Composites

· Leader in Exports of Composites

· Serial Products Made of Composites

· Unique Composite Solutions

· R&D Solutions for Composites

The Contest received 29 applications from the following companies:

·      Tatneft-PressComposite

·      ITECMA


·      SPLAV

·      Modelony

·      TKT

·      Fedor Konyukhov – NOVA catamaran

·      Fedor Konyukhov – Albatros aircraft

·      ROTEC

·      Galen

·      Composite Polymer Structures Plant

·      Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology

·      Pacifico Yachts

The winning entries were judged by the high jury:

·      Mikhail Pogosyan, Rector of the Moscow Aviation Institute

·      Alexander Tyunin, CEO, UMATEX Rosatom

·      Andrey Silkin, Director General, Obninsk Research and Production Enterprise Technologiya

· Semyon Mashkautsan, Director, Metallurgy and Materials Department, RF Ministry of Industry and Trade

·      Alexander Mazhuga, Member of the State Duma, Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.


Following the jury vote, the winners per nomination categories were announced.

The imports phase-out leader for composites is TKT LLC. The company presented a unique technology for producing thermoplastic prepregs, which are manufactured on a pilot production line.

The leader in exports of composites os Galen LLC. The company submitted an innovative technology for the production of composite rebars, flexible bracing and mesh, which meet international requirements and are effectively marketed for export.

The winner for ‘Unique Composite Solutions’ category is the Central Research Institute For Special Machinery. The Contest jury was presented with the design of a carbon fibre-reinforced plastic frame for the MPD multipurpose detector, which is used in the NICA collider developed by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), an international intergovernmental organisation, Dubna, Moscow Region.

Serial composite products by Pacifico Yachts LLC, which presented at the contest its serial production of recreational catamarans made of composites.

The winner for ‘R&D Solutions for Composites’ category is ITECMA LLC. The company submitted to the contest its technology for making high-tech composite tooling, capable of compensating for the warpage of products.

The ceremony took place as part of the opening session 'Composites Industry Development Strategy until 2035'. The unique Möbius strip-shaped prize cups made of carbon composites were presented to the winners by the opening session participants. Among them were Viktor Yevtukhov, Deputy Minister of RF Industry and Trade; Alexander Tyunin, Director General UMATEX Rosatom; Anatoly Gaidansky, Director General AeroComposite, First Deputy Director General Irkut Corporation; Alexander Mazhuga, Member of the State Duma, Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation; Alexey Russkikh, Governor of Ulyanovsk Region.

Also as part of the Forum, the following finalists of the contest "Composites without Borders.Idea’ were awarded certificates of recognition: Yury Yevtushenko for the idea of creating a fire-retardant polystyrene foam with a fireproof coating; Victoria Slavkina for the idea of creating a composite polymer material based on 3D-printed frames reinforced with polymer compounds; Igor Stavrulov for the idea of creating a replicable construction system for low-rise houses based on new plaster technology; Andrey Alexeyev and Marina Fadeyeva for the idea of creating flexible bent bracing for multilayer walls.

Congratulations to the winners of Contest IV ‘Composites without Borders.AWARDS’ and ‘Composites without Borders.Idea’ We wish you new achievements and victories! 

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